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, and is expected to survive. one person was detained. >>> san francisco is expecting a million visitors this weekend. that's even more people than actually live in the stiff. place will be jam packed with events. the hardly strictly blue grass festival, the america cup reyes-- races, giants playoff game, 49 ergs. >> it will probably be crowded. >> two cruise ships will port shoulders. so expect more boats than usual. the coast guard will be looking for any safety violations. >>> with all those events in san francisco, it's going to be a challenge getting in, out and around the city. ali is live with more on how public transportation agencies working to make the weekend easier. >> reporter: it's 7:00 a.m., and it's getting a little busy out here, we out to fisherman wharfs is where people will be gathering to watch the blue angles. but if you are driving to san francisco, the word is don't do it unless you have to. not only are streets going to be more crowded, but some will be partially close, bike embark darrow, it's just going to have one lane of traffic going through. the middle lane
of a party that had good moments and bad, he became san francisco's viral vandal. police may have their man. >> it is a dark time for the rebellion. so what happens to the empire george lucas built right here in the bay area? good evening i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. from flooded homes to toppled trees to america's busiest city being brought to' standstill. sandy has left her mark on the east coast. millions are spending another night without power. >> reporter: tonight officials are asking the public for patience as the work begins of preparing the damage from sandy. among the top priorities, restoring electricity and getting mass transit back on track. hurricane sandy hit new jersey's long beach island hard. homes in the beach front town were flooded or destroyed. boat littered the streets. >> we'll assess the damages and rebuild. that's way it works in new jersey. >> reporter: new york city was crippled bit storm. subway and traffic tunnels were filled with salt water. no word on when the city's famous subway service will resume. an entire community burned to the ground in quee
of the ground. here in the bay area switching gears and live look from our roof cam in downtown san francisco it is a foggy start to the morning. still celebrating the giants. we do have some drizzle alon the v+ never met by neighborhood. another day of seventies and south bay fremont 72. los seventies and mount you. mid-70s for campbell. the common valley 77. and the east bay 74 fairfield. 77 in livermore. downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. 71 in vallejo. santa rosa at 75. your kron 4 7 day around ti li the rain is holding off. i do expect showers after 11:00 p.m.. get your trackers treating done early. thursday waking up to heavy rain with the morning commute. friday dry conditions mild temperatures on the rise. into saturday and sunday will be working up some morning fog and sunny skies into the afternoon. >> no hot spots in the traffic center is foggy out there. >> allow yourself a bit of extra time. san mateo bridge looks good aside from the fog. no accidents to report. no problems coming down the nimitz freeway getting to the bridge. of course visibility is an issue here. the drive
causing chaos for airline travelers more than 100 flights cancelled today at san francisco international. terry mcsweeney joins us any encouraging news? >> reporter: there is. also confusion any time you have an event as big as sandy there's going to be some. san francisco international spokesperson told me the airlines were cancelling all 114 flights in and out of sfo from those seven airports back east. i was at the united counter, one flight has taken off for boston another boarding, as we speak so there's confusion, confusion for airlines imagine what it is like for passengers. she needs to be home in new york. after 30 minutes at a ticket counter she didn't have a plight. what happened they couldn't get you on? >> no. very complicated. >> reporter: complicated? are the airlines cooperating? >> yes, they are very nice. it is just that everybody wants to fly now. >> reporter: brian's flight rescheduled for tomorrow, not going to work. >> 10 a.m. wednesday morning i have to be at arlington cemetery. the circumstances are definitely suck but that's my story. >> reporter: these two do ha
for this blockbuster party. >>reporter: take a look at this san francisco city hall of low in the color orange the lights have been switched out in honor of the san oroszko giants. the team's colors are seen here as they placed balloons on the san francisco-enjoy it's a major transformation. speaking at a news conference the mayor promised that is going to be a grand event and it certainly seems to be unfolding that way >> as you know this was such a team effort. we decided that we would get a city team to gather to have a great, great celebration. >> to announce these details there are going to be at least 20 trucks of colored confetti. thousands of balloons and players will be an open vehicles so they ca that is the change from 2010. >> a little different in 2010 when if you recall many of the players were put on the cable cars. a lot of the fans said they could not see them. they had to go from one side to the others of this time there are individual vehicles. >> other specifics. >> they will come up market street. and turn on mcallister and to make their way down towards the plaza. towards
a minute. first, home town heroes got to show you the cover of the san francisco chronicle this morning. giant's sweep. >> i went like this cause it looks like it's still hot off the presses. that's going to be a keepsake. a lot of people will have that in a drawer. the giants won the world series for the second time in three years. >>> the team completed the world series sweep last night winning 4-3 in ten innings. while most of the celebrations here in san francisco were peaceful. some did turn violent. a number of fires were set in the streets of the mission district. kate joins us live with more on the messthat's being cleaned up this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you there's still aftermath from last night. piles of debris still here on the street that crews are working to clean up as last night's celebrations turned to mayhem. officers tried to disperse thousands of fans flooding the streets. some set small fires to trash cans, couches and news paper wracks. officers told a group of fans they were unlawfully assembling and needed to leave. take a
>>> the san francisco giants return home bringing the world series championship trophy back to the bay. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds welcomed home the san francisco giants and continue to celebrate the sweep of detroit and second championship in three years. amber lee is back in the mission where she covered last night's spontaneous celebration. we begin at the ballpark with ken wayne and the return of the conquering heros, ken. >> julie, giants players and fans kind of have that feeling you get after a wild roller coaster ride. a little woozy but still exhilarated. >> world series mvp pablo sandoval emerged with a world series trophy and handed it to sergio romo to show it to the hundreds of fans waiting outside. >> we're on the way back. >> a little different team, they didn't want to go home, and i don't know if they hated losing as much as they wanted to win. >> we have a lot of the same guys, i think we can yeah. >> many players were obviously tired as was the staff. >> they got back to the hotel, about 3:30 and i did not
for another day in san francisco? >> daughter [laughter] >> it has been awesome. we got an extra day. i do not mind. >> i checked with the airport and if you have travel plans? the best thing you can do is to call your specific airlines to see if any these delays or cancellations should impact you. reporting from s f o, kron 4. >>jacqueline: it is weakening but as we take a look at the satellite and radar is still a lot of rain fall on the east coast and heavy snow still west virginia, another foot of snow. the blue we indicated the snowfall the purple is indicated the mixture. it is parked with overnight hours with blizzard warnings in effect. that is the purple. blizzard warnings for this area of the pink, the white our winter weather advisories. still, the threat to throw in york, pa., you can see that rainfall the we're still seeing in a new market- pennsylvania. it is over pennsylvania right now and we are going to continue to track it to the north over new york, no overnight with climbing pressure towards canada overnight. -- we could see some possibly improving conditions in 24 hour
cancelled today at san francisco international. terry mcsweeney joins us any encouraging news? >> reporter: there is. also confusion any time you have an event as big as sandy there's going to be some. san francisco international spokesperson told me the airlines were cancelling all 114 flights in and out of sfo from those seven airports back east. i was at the united counter, one flight has taken off for boston another boarding, as we speak so there's confusion, confusion for airlines imagine what it is like for passengers. she needs to be home in new york. after 30 minutes at a ticket counter she didn't have a plight. what happened they couldn't get you on? >> no. very complicated. >> reporter: complicated? are the airlines cooperating? >> yes, they are very nice. it is just that everybody wants to fly now. >> reporter: brian's flight rescheduled for tomorrow, not going to work. >> 10 a.m. wednesday morning i have to be at arlington cemetery. the circumstances are definitely suck but that's my story. >> reporter: these two do have a flight but not home to washington, d.c.. >> we were in
to stay into san francisco, the fog is not listening the fog has moved to the east bay shore, quarter mile at hayward, half mile oakland now it has moved into parts of the east bay valleys, concord 3/4 of a mile, quarter mile north bay valleys where thickest and most widespread now going to stay that way until at least 9:00 then a slow reveal of sunshine like we had yesterday, with the hraoet area -- least likely area to get sun at the coast. -- most of our sunshine in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s for you. now traffic. >>> san rafael here the fog fairly thick south 101 past civic center, tail lights disappearing in the fog as you head southbound. the it does get patchy and dense the visibility limit in certain areas, take care. here's the bay bridge toll no metering lights yet slight delay for cash paying folks headed into san francisco a little sluggish upper deck incline section westbound. accident south 880 oakland before 66 blocking right lane. basco road motorcycle down at camino diablo second accident on basco road reported at walnut, 580 westbound slowing as well. >>> we c
into the clouds going back to san francisco. many of the detroit fans were in total shock. how quick this was one also, they gave credit for san francisco that it was an amazing team. it looks like they were having fun. reporting in detroit, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> giants fans are out in force. to route san francisco celebrating. for most of the gathering. it was peaceful but and some of it got out of hand. this is a surveillance video that is only on kron 4. disturbing. this is only on kron 4 to address some of these crazy celebrations. in fact i was in the middle of these in the mission district. people were throwing bottles, setting things on fire but this video. this is some of the worst is celebrating we have seen. shaking, smashing and finally tipping it is some of the worst destruction we have seen from last night's party. this purdue was taken at some point after the victory. this-video was taken and this person does not want to be identified however, the crowd as decided that this service truck is first using this smashing up the windows. and after this keyboard used a garbage cans
, upper 50s to low 60s. rain will hold off in san francisco until about 7:00 this evening when the heaviest and steadiest of the rain is most likely. dry for parade, dress for upper 50s to low 60s. >>> crews are racing to put up balloons and complete floats. it looks like die-hard fans are getting an early start. terry mcsweeney is live at the staging area south of market. >> reporter: good morning. what a morning it is. everything is heading towards getting ready for this parade. i'm at mission and stewart, market street one block that way. take a look down that street, wide open down to market. before too long the cars are going to start lining up from here that way for several blocks. over there in that nonscript rv is where they are setting up we'll hear from them. as you long down stewart you see the port-a-potties also trucks, people getting ready, driving up market a few minutes ago i see people sleeping on the sidewalk which is not uncommon in san francisco the ones there on market are wearing orange and black. they are sleeping overnight to have the best possiblewcÑ(z
for the san francisco giants. tonight at 8:00 p.m. the world series is back to the bay area. kron 4 is there for the of marginal return. >> right here. >> with the celebrations of a reporter-amazing -- return what the cd has plant. >> a family friend the of that with the city has planned. >> this week and now they have a victory in a very warm homecoming they are right to a hero's welcome. dan kerman? >> a big celebration there are a lot of excited fans. they have been waiting for hours. at 4:40 this is what they saw. the tour buses carrying the san francisco giants return to a cheering crowd at at&t park. at 4:40. many of the players and the fans were clearly glad to be back in town. and overwhelmed is what they have accomplished. >> it is very humbling. it is grateful to be a part of this. >> the world series most voluble player grabbed the most valuable-player san doval and sergio pitched out the ast three batters.. >> what an amazing ride it is a great moment. >> this is the second world series trophy in just three years. the manager saying that this one is extra sweet. >> this
. 100 flights cancelled again today at san francisco international airport. >> abc 7 news talked to some of the stranded passengersv:. >> this woman just needs to be back home. after 30 minutes, she still haven't have a flight. >> what happened back there? >> it's complicated. >> are the airlines cooperate something. >> yes. everybody wants to fly now. >> brian green's flight rescheduled for tomorrow. >> i have to be at a cemetery. so the circumstances definitely suck. that is my story. hopefully, they can help me out. >> we're in mendocino. and have thursday getting back to the east coast. >> at least he's in no great crush to get home. vegas. >> you're going to be a prisoner of love in loss vegas. >> there are years on the ceiling. >> mireon finds it amusing. >> where is this going? >> adding to the confusion is that all 114 flights to the seven airports were cancelled. to see some of flights take off. advice if you want to know if your flight is going to be taking off, go online, check with your airline. >> san francisco bomb squad just clearedfá a scene of a sus spishus package abou
ended. tony ben yet singing "i left my heart in san francisco" then the song "we are the champions" was being played. i saw people crying. such a great day. the giants president says hey, can we do this again every october? live at civic center abc 7 news. >> what a party that was. >> i think they're going to need that golden broom on the streets. >> yes. this began on market street. of course. and as larry mentioned just tons of confetti out there. >> we heard carolyn tyler reverence the tony ben yet song, so emotion for everybody. let's listen in to that. let's go to wayne freedman who is live still probably on market street now. >> market street looks like a love tornado going on. take a look at the graffiti. here comes the fire department. people still celebrating. this is going to have to pass for fall leaves on halloween night. a meeting, here is how it looks earlier. what a crowd. what a ferver. one girl skipped school told us she had world series fever, maybe a million people shared this ailment. only one cure, let's hear from will clark and tim lincecum. >> it's fun to com
city maryland for a live report. >>> in san francisco today barricades have started going up police and firefighters stakeout their positions for tomorrow's parade honoring the world series champion giants. doesn't that sound good? amy hollyfield is live at civic center plaza, that is going to be the finish line for the parade. >> reporter: it sounds great. i love. look behind me the stage is set this is where the world series champions will greet fans this is in civic center plaza this is facing the library. look how empty it is now. imagine what it is going to look like tomorrow. the team arrived home at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. adoring fans were there for them at at&t park to greet them. many waited for hours to see their champions. mvp sandoval showed off the trophy and passed it around to a couple of other players. some of the players said the world series victory is still sinking in. >> [ inaudible ] to overcome so much adversity and the end result is -- [ inaudible ] great feeling. >> we knew it -- [ inaudible ] we had a lot of people step up great moments. >> reporter: here
it's on. let's roll. . >>> san francisco at the center of the baseball universe not an exaggeration, giants will be honored for their world series win with a big parade lieu the city and ceremonies at civic center plaza. >> a live look now at civic center plaza, preparations still underway >>> right now drizzle, moist, humid, if you will no organized areas of rain just drizzle not even enough to be measurable enough to coat the ground. fog not a problem this morning except for the coast 1 1/2 mile visibility at half moon bay the rest of us cloudy. at 10:00 the drizzle is over, mostly cloudy downtown san francisco 59°, a little sun breaks through at 11:00, mostly cloudy and breezy around 10 -- around 1:00, 63, breezy, mostly cloudy, dry at 2:00, 66. >>> last minute preparations for today's parade are underway now. the city ready to give the world series champion giants a giant thank you who can forget this scene giants coming home monday the crowds of fans at at&t park with that world series trophy in hand, sandoval will be one of the speakers today. amy hollyfield is live at the pl
francisco -- alex savidge is live at san francisco international airport airport with the very latest on cancellations there. >> reporter: good morning, yes. all the way across the country, sfo being impacted by sandy. just got an impact -- just got an update. a total of 150 flights have been cancelled -- canceled. here is a look at the board this morning. there is a flight to washington, d.c. weather cancellations are being felt for many east coast destinations. >> sfo to six key cities, boston, philadelphia, new york, newark, washington, d.c. and baltimore. any one trying to get to those cities may have to bait several days. most of the -- may have to wait several days. other flights are feeling the effect, american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta. the airlines are trying to book people on other flights. this storm is causing major problems causing a significant effect on the west coast. it's difficult to say how long the cancellations are gonna extend to, obviously all of the frights are -- flights are canceled for today. i think it's reasonable to expect some cancellation
. at that point it was like someone hit me. i was so stunned that in my hometown in san francisco in 2012 that there are words like this coming out of someone's mouth. >> reporter: this afternoon, perkins filed a formal complaint with the human rights commission. executive director says the commission will look into the allegations. >> it doesn't matter if it's a rock and roll hall of famer or if he just picked up a guitar last week. all people have the same rights to live without discrimination. >> reporter: travelodge is a franchise and the local owner hasn't responded to our requests for comment. >> we haven't heard back from your manager. >> reporter: the windham hotel group says, we are acknowledging the allegations made by the guest. we are currently looking into the matter with the hotel and will take appropriate action. ♪ [ music ] the band switched hotels. the man who grew up in the segregated south said he didn't hear the remark about "those people" but he says he recognizes discrimination. [ inaudible ] >> permanent indelible scar on your brain, you know? and for that to happ
another live look from san francisco howard street where they are getting ready for the parade and staging and the floats. we'll continue our coverage of the parade. we'll check back in with amy hollyfield for up on the preps taking p >>> we start with the hall wouldn't forecast you are going to need wet weather gear in the north bay, no dodging the rain there. it starts to move into the bay steadier rain 7:00, light rain possible south bay by 8:00, you will get your steadier rain after 9:00. you can see the moving towards the bay area mostly cloudy today, mid to upper 60s. steady rain tonight through tomorrow morning, scattered showers thursday afternoon, dry and warmer friday and saturday. >>> accidents westbound 580 in the livermore area at north livermore in the median you can see traffic is slowing past the scene still overall not a bad ride getting past that scene still under 20 minutes to the dublin pleasanton interchange from the altamont. east 580 new accident park ] oo middle lanes blocked as many as eight vehicles involved. if you are headed out to today, you must drive to san f
fish -- fisherman's wharf and the golden gate bridge. >> san francisco how bad can it be. >> reporter: for others staying is not an option. the doctor has paints scheduled for chemotherapy. he flew -- has patients scheduled for chemotherapy therapy >> st. louis through denver, three hour layover and drive to massachusetts, 22 hours. >> logistical nightmare. >> it mess. i hope we are safe driving. >> reporter: ellen cannes wait for her flight -- can't wait for her flight tomorrow. >> yesterday i had to spend the whole day getting my meds. he i had to take care of running around because i was stuck. >> that was lilian kim reporting from sfo. terry mcsweeney at sfo has given us information there may be some hope that a few flights to the east coast out you of sfo may resume today. we'll keep tracking that. for up-to-date information on flight cancellations and delays, go to the flight tracker abc7news.com. >>> bay area pitching in to help communities hit by the aftermath of hurricane sandy. members of the california national guard are headed east, 88 troops took off yesterday. they repor
process begins. >>> and the floats are ready, the balloons are getting blown up. san francisco preparing for millions of giants fans. >> some fog and drizzle now, but could rain move in for the parade? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you are planning on heading into san francisco this morning, for the ticker-tape parade, all mass transit so far on time. much more on the parade coming up. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's 5:00. >>> the recovery from the super storm sandy is continuing. it's a huge. >> it be wil take months. at least 55 people are dead, more than 6 million homes and businesses still without power, down from 8.5 million at the worst. the total cost could hit $50 billion. cbs reporter ines ferre is in new york where the city is beginning to bustle again. >> reporter: new yorkers are trying to regain a sense of normalcy. they are trying to restore power and mass transit. >>> reporter: the storm moved away from the shore but the devastation left behind is obvious. homes devastated or destroyed, boats tossed ashore. >> very difficult
an appellate judge in san francisco found the ban to be unconstitutional. the high court today posted a notice on its web site revealing that the case is on the agenda for november 20th. the decision on whether to hear the case would then be expected the following week. >>> we're live in san jose where leaders of today trying to find solutions to an ongoing struggle with the city's homeless. we'll tell you h m i costs to clean up these encompments and why advocates say it's not enough to combat the problem. >>> and the champions san francisco giants arrive home an. what's in the works to make players and fans can soak it all in. >>> fog will return to the bay area for your morning drive and coming up in the extended forecast, what change is on the way. i'll explain coming up [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate l
there will be flocking to san francisco for the parade. caltran and the golden gate ferry offering extra services well. this all happening before and after the big parade so you can get to and from that. or you can stay home and avoid the crowds but still enjoyed the hoopla. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> we are tracking the status on hurricane sandy. >> large sections of track was washed out on the new jersey coastline. power lines and trees have falling along new jersey transit railway's across the state. several brokerages have been damaged by storm surge at including bolts and other debris loss of the real world tracks. the rail station of said hoboken and european station were impacted significantly by flooding. regarding our drintni are trapped
on sandy's impact. >>> streets in downtown san francisco are back open right now after a suspicious package was found in the financial district, prompting police to bring out the bomb squad. a suitcase was found dangling from a tree near market street and the embarcadero this morning. nearby buildings were evacuated and a shelter in place was ordered for the ferry building. a bomb robot investigated and found the package to be harmless. the site of today's bomb scare is actually the start of tomorrow's ticker tape parade honoring the san francisco giants. the victory parade is expected to draw more than a million people to the city. nbc bay area's monte francis is live in san francisco with what is being done to prepare, and what you can expect if you're heading there. monte? >> reporter: janelle, we're here at pier 54, where workers are putting the final touches on the floats that will appear in tomorrow's parade. they are in pretty good shape right now. we just heard from the mayor a couple of hours ago. and he said the city is gearing up for what is promising to be a massive celebration.
here in the bay area. >> david louie joins us live from san francisco international airport with more, david? >> the question is closing down those airports... the word cancelled appeared all over the boards, some airlines set up areas just to handle paengss. dr. evans and the family saw their flight cancelled yesterday. he has cancer patients scheduled for chemotherapy. >> only way to figure out how to get home before waens was to fly to st. louis through denver with a three-hour layover, then drive to massachusetts. 22 hours. >> that is a nightmare. >> it's a mess, a mess. i just hope we're safe, driving. >> this passenger flying from l.a. to newark, new jersey. she ended up in san francisco. >> this is my first time flying so... i feel like flying is horrible. i don't want to do it again. >> the sheer volume of cancellations meant some couldn't reach the airlines by phone. >> i stayed on the phone 20 minutes. nobody answered. then you're on hold. >> if you want up to the date cancellations just go to abc 7 news.com. >> we'll have continuing coverage the rest of the evening. abc new
, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> while most counties require postage, san francisco voters don't need a stamp at all. election workers urge that you put it in the mail by tomorrow to make sure it gets in on time. >>> still ahead, some schools overlooking a federal law that protects students. the investigative unit exposes a breakdown in that system. >>> a potential early treatment for autism. that's next. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. >>> in health matters tonight, many cancer patients feel sick long after they're cured from their disease. at least a third of cancer survivors continue to suffer physical and mental problems long after the treatments end. those who sur
. >> it's great for the organization, more so great for our northern california region and san francisco. our fan base is maybe the best in sports. >> reporter: fans say seeing the team is well worth the wait. >> it's so awesome. i'm feeling a dynasty. >> we live and breathe the giants. we are so thrilled for them. >> good to be here last time in 2010. stoked to be here and welcome these guys home this time. >> reporter: among the fans, this 3-year-old who re-enacted some of the giants' pitchers' best moves and 2-year-old miguel diaz who is celebrating the clean sweep. they have tomorrow to rest before the big parade set for halloween. >> i think orange and black on halloween is very natural. but i think that's a way to actually do two birds with one stone. there were going to be people taking off that day anyway to celebrate the halloween day. >> reporter: this is video from the 2010 world series parade when tens of thousands of fans descended on market street as cable cars carried the players and their families. wednesday's parade will follow a similar path at the foot of market and we
low 60s out the door and san francisco. and still contending with fire danger here in the bay area. the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for until 8:00 this morning all the areas are highlighted in red on your screen. take a look at our temperatures 80 in the south bay mostly sunny conditions. 80 degrees for santa clara 86 for sunnyvale and low 90s for pittsburgh and then fell 91 degrees in pleasanton 90 in walnut creek and '80s in union city. another gorgeous day on tap for the north bay. palo llamas at 86 degrees 82 for san francisco i don't think will break any records with still another court to stay around the bay. it looks like richmond is coming in at 81 degrees. for the niners came later on tonight against the seahawks it looks like kickoff is at 5:20 p.m. and temperatures will be in the mid-70s. the kron47 th wit over0 minutes drive times for all the approaches for the west on ride. the san mateo bridge is no longer hot spot but likely to become one before very much longer. the drive times are ready over 15 minutes and we are starting to see slowing n
san francisco en la conquista de la serie mundial ♪. >>> los expertos advierten que la tormenta sandy será un fenómeno único, pero qué convierte a la tormenta sandy en una súper tormenta, y los expertos dicen qué puede hacer que sandy sea la mayor tormenta de la historia del país . >>> algo mucho más complicado que la llamada tormenta perfecta que azotó en el 91 al país, que incluso terminó en una película de hollywood, es un verdadero monstruo, tiene una extensión de más de 900 millas, se extendería por oklahoma y kansas, más de 60 millones de personas están en la ruta de la tormenta, la mayor preocupación es el fuerte oleaje de 10 a 25 pies que el fenómeno producirá en la costa este, que hará muy vulnerable a delaware, nueva jersey, nueva york. >>> muchos meteorólogos que puede ser la mayor tormenta que golpea estados unidos en la historia el mayor peligro es que el agua se apodere de zonas de baja elevación como el bajo manhattan, la mayor preocupación está en la costa, donde la marea hace que se invadan las zonas costeras. >e>> n grandes ciudades con mucho
more. >> back live with a shot of city hall with a lot of other buildings in san francisco, basking in the orange glow of victory. preparations underway for the giants victory parade on halloween. >> dan: good stuff. you can watch the parade live at 11:00 a.m. right here on abc7. we'll stream it live at abc7news.com and on our ipad. parade will start at foot of market street and move up the street to civic center plaza just like it did two years ago back in 2010. >> carolyn: mass transit is offering help, bart will be offering a rush hour schedule all day long, longer trains and more of them. caltrain and muni will run extra trains. it will force muni reroute many downtown bus lines. golden gate ferry is offering additional service. we all have this at abc7news.com. >> dan: a local school could have lost a teacher to budget cuts. >> carolyn: michael finney is here to telling you about pro-active parents. >> parents at sunny side elementary were not about to take it lying down so they turned to the internet. up next, she helped save a teachers job and you can too at your school. >> d
free super poligrip. giant crowd. about a million pe >>> well, if you are heading to san francisco tomorrow be prepared for a giant crowd. >> oh, yeah. about a million people are expected to swarm the city for the giants world series victory parade. that's on top of the regular weekday commute crowd. cbs 5 reporter kate kelly joins us now and tells us how transit agencies are preparing for the big day. and cate, i can imagine a lot of people are probably going to be calling in sick tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah. employers probably shouldn't be surprised michelle. i don't think that would be a big shocker to a lot of them because tomorrow is the big day that city here will be celebrating the world series champions on the stage right behind me as we did in 2010 with a million people watching. the city is working hard to set up civic center plaza for the big day and public transit groups have been working to make sure you can get here. >> we have all hands on deck. we're not holding anything back. we'll have every train available from 4 a.m. to the end of service. >> reporter: the prais
gearing up for the america's cup in san francisco next year. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> when i was in an accident, i was worried, the health system spoke a language all its own, with united health care, i got health care for my life, information on my phone, and connection to doctors who get where i'm friiÍo, and tools to estimate what are my costs, so i might never miss a beat. >> we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. united health care. >> beijing, for 15 years, viking has brought 40 million travellers to another world, the world of dramatic landscapes. and remarkable areas. all brought to life with the modern concept, so travellers can spend less time getting there and more time there. viking cruises, exploring the world in comfort. >> and b and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these instit
with erin, eddie and joey, the detroit tigers need a win against the san francisco giants, trailing two games. immediately after the post-game show, zimmerman and carver only on fox. back to gus and charles. when will the bats wake up? >> gus: same question i got from my mom on the west side of detroit? when are we going to start hitting? there's a hand on the quarterback end. daniel sams got burned last week at west virginia. young man, freshman, slidell, louisiana. we were talking about bill snyder and what he said yesterday about his offense. he was asked, how do you always manage to take players that aren't fooiive-star recruits an turn them into such terrific college players, and he's got a long laundry list of guys that went on to get into the pros. >> charles: he said, you start with good people first and foremost. i believe a lot of these guys may have been it labeled in a lot of ways, but maybe they're better football players than they were told. beyond that, he has 16 building blocks of success that he talks about all the time with his players, including commitment, unselfishn
isbol... se espera que cientos de miles de personas vengan a san francisco para el desfile de mañana.---las personas que hicieron destrozos durante la celebracion del campeonato de los gigantes de san francisco no se saldran con la suya.... ---hoy se vivieron momentos de tension en el distrito financiero de san francisco... cientos de trabajadores tuvieron que ser evacuados mientras el escuadron anti bombas rastreaba la zona.---el presidente barack obama declaro zona de desastre lasÁ reas afectadas por los fuertes vientos y las inundaciones de la tormenta sandy---ayer le contamos de los miles de Ólares que hay sin reclamar en las arcas de california... hoy le daremos más nombres al azar de algunos residentes del Área de la baÍa que tienen dinero y no lo saben. ♪. >>> la construcción de una carretera ha dividido a un pueblo en perú ,muchos se niegan al proyecto porque dicen que sería un problema. >>> es este paraiso en la tierra un santuario de la conservación de las especies o una cárcel verde, el dilema está en el hecho que llegar a puerto esperanza por tierra es im
. >> another flawless performance by the san francisco giants. now the team is just win win away from another world series title. the team's second in three years. good evening. tomorrow it could be time to break out the brooms. the cold weather in detroit didn't seem to bother the giants a bit. they're now up three game to nothing. we have team coverage of the big win from comerica park from detroit to the bay area. we begin in the east bay. fans cheered on the home town hero. the giants shortstop brandon crawford. kimberly tere spoke with the fans and a former coach about crawford's rise to the top. hello. >> reporter: hello, everywhere we went around here in pleasanton, people were about brandon crawford and that rise to the major leagues. it's a dream come true for brandon crawford who is now part of the team. he grew up rooting for. >> i think he just like a great player. >> reporter: the shortstop who is in the giants' world series lineup has made a name for himself in major league baseball. >> a home run for brandon crawford. >> reporter: in pleasanton where he grew up, people have bee
's necessary. >> tj, thank you. >> hurricane sandy forced cancellation of 150 flights in san francisco international airport. a number of airlines set a special to rebook thousands of passengers. some couldn't reach the airlines by phone to figure out what to do. there is a passenger that ended when 17 airports closed down. >> this is my first time flying. i feel like flying is horrible. i don't want to do it again. >> the situation not expected to improve and oakland airport not affected, as affected by the storms. there were some cancellations at san jose international airport. >> we're learning pg&e will be sending 150 employees to new york to help restore power. members of the international guard are sending help. abc 7 news has more on today's deployment a.and the mission. members of the 129th rescue wing are on a first name basis with a number of devastating hurricanes. >> first one in 1992, hurricane andrew, then reeta, ike and floyd he will kep conduct air rescue operations. the versatile helicopters being transported into the belly of the huge c 17 plane. once on the east coas
of san francisco. live in civic center plaza, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >>> last night's celebration, anything but tame. quite destructive. fans tagged buildings with graffiti, sent fire, and also torched a muni bus. as police tried to disperse the crowds, 36 people were arrested. we have special live coverage of the parade of champions here on cbs 5 and on cbssf.com streaming live, beginning at 11 a.m. on wednesday. >>> an unusual drug bust at sfo today. today the feds say a man swallowed cocaine and tried to smuggle it through the airport. but as juliette goodrich shows us, it's how much coke he had inside of him that's so hard to believe. >> reporter: customs agents say the passenger ingested 100 pellets filled with cocaine. >> how big were the pellets? >> about two inches, filled with white powder. >> cocaine? >> cocaine. >> reporter: he was attempting to board an international flight to japan when he was busted by customs and border protection in san francisco. >> i would assume the officers, they have techniques and experience, they determined that something was not right. >> r
at an undisclosed location here in the bay area to discuss their future. reporting live at the san francisco presidio, linda yee, cbs 5. >>> a day after make landfall super storm sandy still making some history. 48 people have been killed nearly 8 million customers in 15 states are without power. new york city's subway system swamped. countless homes have been destroyed by fire, wind, floods. one government prediction says the wind damage alone could top $7 billion. president obamaed heads to new jersey tomorrow to survey the damage there. sandy dealt the garden state a punishing blow. end tired neighborhoods are under water and beach boardwalks are in ruins. duarte geraldino shows us what's left. >> reporter: access to atlantic city is limited tonight because safety officials say the roads are still not safe. many of the areas are littered with debris. behind me, you can see what's left of a nice chunk of the famed atlantic city boardwalk. it was ripped apart by super storm sandy. tomorrow, the president is expected to join the new jersey governor and tour parts of the state most heavily da
. lucas film has its headquarters here in the san francisco presidio employing some 1200 to 1400 people in its production offices. in a company released video statement, lucas says he is selling because it's time. >> as i have gone through my career, i realized at some point i needed to retire and i wanted to go on and do other things, things in philanthropy. the final block in that was to find a good solid home for the company. and the first place i thought was disney. >> this gives disney infinite inspiration and opportunities to continue the epic "star wars" saga. fans can expect the new feature film "star wars" episode 7 in theater worldwide in 2015. >> reporter: the first feature film will come under the disney lucas film brand. the deal includes lucas' industrial light and magic, its visual effects company, and lucas sound, the dynamics that made all of lucas' films so amazing and popular. lucas film employees met with lucas as well as top management all afternoon to discuss their future. at the presidio, linda yee, cbs 5. >>> a day after making landfall, super storm sandy is stil
mallicoat. let's get right out to san francisco civic center plaza. anne makovec is there in her orange ready for a big giants celebration. >> reporter: this is where the parade is going to end up this morning. you can see hundreds of people already packing the lawn in front of san francisco's city hall coming from all over the bay area all over the state. everybody is wearing their orange and black. so the presentation will start in front of city hall at 12:30. the parade starts at the base of market street at 11:00 and it is going to work its way straight down market street. that's a little different from the route it took in 2010. it is all going to be on market street. and again, end here at civic center plaza. of course, we have all the coverage for you but it's already packed. public transportation is already packed. so just watch the parade on tv if you are not big enough it brave these crowds. frank, back to you. >> if you are not en route, you might be out of luck. anne makovec live for us in san francisco. that all important weather forecast and traffic, too, for the parade a
saying that you're fired. >> pelley: and john blackstone in san francisco with the fastest boats on the bay, looking to capture a wave of new fans. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the f.b.i. says it has arrested a young man in a manhattan hotel today as he pushed the buttons to set off what he believed was a massive truck bomb outside the federal reserve bank of new york. what the man didn't know was that his accomplices worked for the f.b.i. the plot unfolded in the heart of lower manhattan, a few blocks from the former world trade center site. the federal reserve bank of new york is vital to the nation's financial system. it is the clearing house for the transactions of the nation's largest banks. and the storage site of vast reserves of gold. senior correspondent john miller has been talking to his source at the f.b.i., and he has details of the plot and the suspect. >> reporter: quazi mohammad nafis came to the u.s. from bangledesh on a student visa to study at southeast missouri state university. he caugh
. switching gears, the san francisco giants victory parade taking place tomorrow, and it is going to be a winning forecast. it is looking dry. back with the details in a few minutes. >> speaking of that parade, the city of san francisco is putting the finishing touches on it right now to honor the world champion giants. fans are gathering at civic center plaza. that's where hundreds of thousands are expected tomorrow. cornell bernard has a preview for us. >> the stage is set here at city hall to celebrate the giants everywhere you look. folks are already starting to gather and checking out the imrand strand where the giants parade will pass by. >> a big party being planned at city hall where it is all about banners and hundreds of balloons. celebrating the giants' world series win. >> at pier54, they are stapling up a storm. joy i just do what i am told -- >> i just do i am told. i staple. >> they have one goal, cover the floats from front to back in orange and black in time for the victory parade. >> now we can go through the floats like termites them ready. i suspect don't stand
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